Contactless time and attendance technology is here to help.

Our new state-of-the-art facial recognition time clock solutions make time and attendance highly affordable, simple and extremely efficient.

  • Capture and record employee attendance.

    Within seconds your staff are clocked on and you know who and when with live reporting.

  • Easily export your attendance data to payroll.

    More efficient administration processes will save time and money and help your bottom line.

Face recognition time clock Bundy Plus Online Time Sheets
BundyPlus Time Clocks Time Sheets Cloud Software

New state-of-the-art face recognition technology featuring contactless recording of employee times, mask detection and IP65 waterproof rating.

Online Time Sheets Cloud Software Bundy Clocks
  • Instantly identify employees for quick and efficient time clocking in under 2 seconds.

  • Easily export to payroll for more efficient administration processes that save time and money.

  • Easy to install and simple to use by employees and administration staff.

  • Local technical support when you need it, we are based in Melbourne Victoria.

Book a free demonstration today

One of our amazing BundyPlus support team members will make a time with you to demonstrate our incredible new face recognition time clocks and work on personalised solutions that suit your business.

We bring you the perfect time and attendance solutions for your business​

If you're a business owner frustrated by inefficient timesheet processing, wasting valuable time, losing money and worst of all, you're worried that your business is suffering because of incorrect employee timesheets. Then we can help!

Our products and services are perfect for you if you want easy, efficient timesheet processing with the huge saving of time and money. Best of all, you'll reduce costs and improve your bottom line.

  • Employee Mobile App: Worried your work from home staff hours are less than accurate, not on-site, and business is suffering, BundyPlus™ Now mobile app records accurate employee timestamps, GPS location, and real-time timesheet reporting.

  • Face Recognition Time Clocks: Low cost, entry level employee terminals sources from leading global manufacturers.

  • Industrial Time Clocks: We have a range of industrial-grade employee terminals manufactured here in Australia.

  • Desktop Software: BundyPlus Studio allows you to replace those paper timesheets finally! 

What Our Clients Say

'Provides our managers with accurate up to date reporting'


Time taken in processing the payroll has also been drastically reduced allowing exceptions and discrepancies to be investigated and to ensure that we are meeting all our statutory obligations. The support from Bundy Plus from both sales and service has been excellent. The local service support have a thorough understanding of our requirements and the best way to implement the system. 


Phillip Stanley (Central Coast Motor Group)




'I would definitely recommend Bundy time clocks to other business owners'


I recently purchased a new Bundy Plus time clock, setting up the time clock and PC to communicate between one another was quite a daunting process for a first time user, but I have found the service and technical support I have received from Mike to be excellent and very re-assuring. 


Tamra Vedelago (Opalbay Pty Ltd)


Worried your staff hours are less than accurate, not on-site, and business is suffering?

BundyPlus™ Now mobile app records accurate employee timestamps, GPS location and real-time timesheet reporting.


BundyPlus Timesheets Application Online Time Sheets


Start with a team of 10 employees from just $20/month.

  • Records accurate employee times reducing chance timesheet mistakes
  • Live GPS tracking* so you can view where staff are working at any time.
  • The simple user interface makes staff onboarding and acceptance to change a breeze
  • Offline mode for sites without internet access synchronising once signals available.
  • Reports for viewing who's in today, clockings, timesheet summaries and employee approval ensures record-keeping compliance.

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